DreamSpa All Chrome Color Changing Showerhead

When we threw around the idea of testing a showerhead that had different colors for flavor, some people thought of the idea as ridiculous and didn’t really see a benefit in it. However, it can be a nice way to make your shower fun or spice it up a little bit. On our search for a nice LED changing showerhead, we stumbled upon the DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head by Top Brand Manufacturer! Color of LED lights changes automatically according to water temperature. It’s a tad more expensive than other showerheads we’ve covered, so we had to naturally ask ourselves, is it worth the price?

Without any real complaints to report, this showerhead seems to do the job it was designed to do and the overall quality of the head seems to be great as well. They put a lot of effort into the design aspect of the head and it’s definitely very unique when it comes to showerheads in general. There’s the large holes in the center for a more focused and focal point centered shower and then there’s the smaller head holes on the outside of the showerhead which allow for a mist or a spray of some sort, depending on what kind of shower you’re into.

Who This Product is For

DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing Shower-Head

Who exactly does this showerhead benefit and who will get the most use out of it? This is a tricky question because a lot of people don’t see much of a use for LED or light activated showerheads. A lot of people just like to get in, take their shower and get out like the rest of us but for some, they like to have a little extra spice in their bathroom and to see the water change colors is a really nice touch. This is for a specific blend of people who take showers who want to see a little pizzazz in their bathroom. It’s definitely not something we’d recommend to everyone, even though it only costs an extra low $XX over the standard boring and plain showerhead.

If this is something you could be interested in and something you could see making your shower a little more interesting, then it’s probably for you. It doesn’t really offer any kind of tactical advantage in the shower over other showers but it’s really not meant to be that. It’s just meant to be a high quality standard showerhead that lights up with the water flow temperature, which is better than sticking your arm in the shower to gauge how hot or cold the shower is.

Who This Product is For


  • The LED Lights - LED lights aren’t something you’re probably used to seeing on a showerhead, but this is definitely one of a kind in its own field. Not only are there a different assortment of lights for this product but the lighting will change depending on the temperature and the pressure of the water. Also, you’ll never need to install any batteries and you’ll never need to provide any accessories to make the lights work, they’ll just work whenever there’s water running through your showerhead, which is excellent and a money saver.
    Stainless Steel Durability
  • LED Settings - ​If you want some diversity in your lighting or you want a specific kind of setup with your lighting system, then good news, because there’s 5 different settings included in this showerhead. First, you have the power rain setting which is a nice and hard shower, then you have the hydro mist setting which is calming and relaxing, there’s the pulsating massage setting which is self-explanatory, there’s the economy rain setting which releases less water but still feels good and then there’s the water saving pause setting, which is also economically friendly.

  • Easy Installation - We hate trying to install these showerheads just as much as you do on a whim and trying to guess where things go. The good news is, this showerhead comes with all of the tools you’ll need to install the showerhead and it snaps on in an instant. It’s really easy to install and you’ll have your new showerhead up and running in a mere matter of minutes.
  • LED Color - One of the most unique things about this showerhead is that the color of the LED will change depending on the temperature of the water, which is really cool. If it’s too hot, it’ll turn red. If the water temperature is cold, it’ll turn blue, so you’ll know ideally when you should step into the shower. There’s also green and an adjustable sensor for you to mess with.  


It’s one of the most advanced systems in the world and this showerhead has advanced technologies that aren’t accepted in most bathroom renovation projects yet, while it’s only a fraction of the cost that DreamSpa could charge for this product.

The LED lights are completely powered by running water, so that means you won’t ever have to buy batteries and you won’t have to scourge around the house to find extra supplies to make your showerhead work.

There’s 5 different settings for your shower experience which range from everything including a hard and relaxing massage to a nice calm breeze of a mist which allows you to relax if you’re not looking to fight grime and dirt but rather just take a breather.

​​There’s a warranty included in the purchase that’s good for up to an entire year. Most people never have to use it and you can use this showerhead risk free for up to an entire year, which is great. 

  • CONS

    • The only real complaint we have is with the lighting and this only applies in some homes. For some homes, the lights can appear a bit dim if you have extra bright lighting in your bathroom, so you’ll want to take account of that.

    ​FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) 

    ​What about the fitting? Is the fitting universal or no?

    What about the fitting? Is the fitting universal or no?
    What if I want this product to swivel and have an extension? Does it come with those parts?

    Yes, the fitting of this showerhead is universal and you’ll be able to fit in onto any standard setting. The only thing that changes is the head, which changes color.

    Yes, this shower comes additionally with its own extension arm and a swivel mount, so you don’t have to worry about spending any extra or going to a hardware store and spending any extra out of pocket money.

    ​What’s the intensity of the lights?

    What’s the intensity of the lights?
    I’m concerned about my water pressure because it’s low, will this showerhead work for me?

    While the showerhead’s great, the intensity of the lights isn’t that great and it shouldn’t be used to light up a room and it should be taken into consideration if you have a bathroom with extremely bright lighting. Some people report they enjoy taking showers in the dark with this showerhead.

    Yes, this showerhead works even if the water pressure in your home is a bit on the low side, you won’t notice any drastic performance changes. The shower runs just fine and optimally under just about any circumstance.

    ​Can I use this as a handheld showerhead?

    Can I use this as a handheld showerhead?
    What size is the nut of this showerhead?

    No, there’s no LED showerheads that we’re aware of with this pricing range that also act as a handheld showerhead. There may be some out there but this is the best LED showerhead (non-handheld) that we’re aware of.

    This showerhead comes equipped with a half inch nut, which is pretty standard and shouldn’t have any kind of effect on the performance either way, or at least no noticeable effect that would change the performance.


    We could easily recommend the DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head by Top Brand Manufacturer! Color of LED lights changes automatically according to water temperature because it offers a unique and fun experience in the shower that isn’t really offered a lot in the showerhead department. Also, there’s no need for batteries or any kind of electronics to power the showerhead, so it’ll change depending on the colors, which is really unique and not something we see a lot. The price is rather fair and you won’t be disappointed by this showerhead.

    Bluetooth shower heads aren’t common because most people don’t think to get them or don’t think they need them. Marketing them is a difficult job because trying to convince people that they need to receive their phone calls or listen to music while they’re in the shower is probably one of the toughest sales jobs currently out there (right after door to door salesman).

    They’re very high tech and unique though, so we definitely recommend checking one out if you’re always busy, have a lot of clients or always need to be in touch with people. We know how people like to get a hold of you at the most inconvenient times and Bluetooth shower heads helps negate that effect. They’re still not well fleshed out on the market but we feel we’ve found five of the best ones currently on the market today.

    Q: What kind of devices can I use for a Bluetooth Shower Head?
    A: This one will wildly vary as some devices work for some shower heads and some don’t. In general, though, most Bluetooth capable devices will work with most different Bluetooth capable shower heads. The majority of people who buy these like to hook their mp3 players up and listen to music or their phones up so they can receive phone calls but be warned, not every Bluetooth shower head has an external microphone.

    Q: I’m worried that someone will listen into my conversation, is that a problem?
    A: Generally, no. No one’s going to listen to you singing in the shower and answering a phone call unless someone taps into your personal device such as your mobile phone and if that’s the case, you have much bigger problems to worry about.

    Q: Can I hook a TV up to the Bluetooth shower head and listen to my show?
    A: This isn’t something we’re aware of that people do but we’ll have to assume the answer is no to this one. While you can have texts or recordings read off to you from your mobile device or mp3 player, we’ll just have to recommend you save the TV viewing experience for when you’re out of the shower.
    Bluetooth Shower Head FAQ

    The Top 5 Bluetooth Shower Heads

    -    If you’re constantly busy or stressing out about a meeting or project, you probably don’t want to miss any calls what so ever, which is why it’s so important that you have technology that can alert you of an incoming call or message even in the shower
    -    If you want to listen to music while you shower for a more relaxing experience and to further your comfort, these shower heads allow you to do that easily at the click of a button
    -    They’re not only easy to install but a lot of them (at least the ones we recommend) are water proof which is a huge plus, so you don’t have to put the devices far away to listen to incoming messages or calls

    -    They do require batteries and unfortunately, some Bluetooth shower heads are still trying to work out the kinks of protecting themselves against long lasting water damage which is why we’ve done our own research to find 5 of the most efficient Bluetooth shower heads on the market today
    Benefits & Cons of the Bluetooth Shower Head

    When you first saw a Bluetooth device, you saw some smug businessman walking down the street and it appeared that they were talking to themselves. These devices have come such a long way, just as most communication devices. Cell phones just two decades ago used to be these large devices that required a lot of waiting and were ridiculously expensive. Oh, how far we’ve come in terms of advancement.

    Well now, you can receive phone calls and other important messages in your shower, which seems odd for a lot of people but for people who are always busy and on the go, you might need to get those messages right away and it can’t wait until your shower is over. Sure, Bluetooth shower heads had a lot of problems when they first came out but thanks to years of advancement, they’re almost perfected.

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